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Shoppik Theme Documentation

This document covers the installation and use of this theme and reveals answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.


We offer limited support. We only provide support for our themes and their core features and functionality. We cannot guarantee our themes will function with all third party components, plugins, web browsers, and server environments. If you plan on adding numerous plugins or scripts to this theme, please note we can not facilitate support of any conflicts they might cause with the default related template functionality. This item is presented AS IS.

Fresh install

To install Shoppik theme you need to take a few steps:
  1. Upload content of Theme/[your version] folder to your opencart root. Shoppik theme do not overwrite any files, just add the theme
  2. Activate Shoppik theme - Activate theme.
  3. If you see some elements of Shoppik and some elements of other design - try to check following:
    - all theme files upload correctly
    - theme files has same permission as other opencart files
  4. Please check our ticksy if you have any questions

Video guide

Theme Setting

Activate theme System -> Settings -> Store Edit -> Tab Store -> Select Shoppik

Configure Banners

You should create a banner to display at the top of some pages (category, basket etc).

Select the image image/data/title.png for this banner

You should create a banner to display at the bottom of home page.

Add 3 pictures for this banner. Pictures should be cat.jpg,cat2.jpg,cat3.jpg

You should create a banner for slider on home page.

Add 2 pictures for this banner. Pictures should be slide-01.jpg, slide-02.jpg

Static block & Slider

Static blocks are the custom opencart module for blocks of your store, most of the information is edited using them. You can view the entire list of statics blocks for template Shoppik

go to Modules > Static Block and create new block

Before you use the module you have to click install

You should have 3 static blocks

Banner: Home Content Bottom Block

Dimension (W x H) and Resize Type: 370 x 133

Layout: Home

Position: Content Bottom

Banner: Category Banner Top

Dimension (W x H) and Resize Type: 1170 x 111

Layout: Category

Position: Content Top

Banner: Category Banner Top

Dimension (W x H) and Resize Type: 1170 x 111

Layout: Checkout

Position: Content Top

Slider Configuration

Go to Modules > Slideshow

Select banner "Home banners" for slideshow

Set dimension to 869 x 422

The settings should look like this:



Congratulations!!! Shoppik template to ready !

Have a good sales with Shoppik!!!


Bootstrap v2.3.2
jQuery BxSlider
Icon fonts used
The images used in the preview are not part of the actual download due to licensing restrictions